❅ Same plan as always

hit 'em hard, and hit 'em again

❄ [ #004 ] - [memory theater]
{ serah } is pulled closer
grab some popcorn, a box of tissues, and have some baaaw~Collapse )

[ #003 ] - [ video]
{ the hero } is 8DDD
[A seemingly excited Snow appears as the device clicks on, his smile at least as wide as his face, fading as he thinks and brightening again. You see, something happened today, as soon as he woke up; he'd been sad over Serah's abrupt departure, but when he opened his eyes, it simply didn't matter anymore.]

Can't believe I haven't realized this before... It's been right in front of me all along! I should have known. You were right... I'm such an idiot. All this time I thought I was fighting for her. All this time, when I walked beside you, I was trying to convince myself that I lived for her, to save her.

[He doesn't speak directly to the camera; his voice is still rather calm, and he doesn't gesture much, but you can see the sparkles in his eyes, reflecting a newfound joy. When he speaks again, however, his gaze is fixed on you, whoever is watching, eyes filled with such tenderness you can tell the guy's in love.]

It was you. It is you, Lightning! The reason I've kept on fighting. The reason I never gave up, the reason I've stayed by Serah's side. It was only for you, I know this now! Let me be your hero, Lightning. Let me love you, let me show you how much I do.

[Quickly he takes off his coat, showing it off for everyone to see. He doesn't know why, but he feels as though he should sacrifice something - an offering, so his wish can be granted - as a proof of his love.]

This is my strength. This coat-- I'm giving it up. I only need your love, Lightning. We've wasted enough time as it is... Everything makes so much sense, now! I only ask for one chance. After everything we've gone through, I know now that I cannot live without you. I've been so blind!

[He pauses, his smile as wide as ever, his eyes bright with excitement and anticipation.]

Lightning. Will you be mine?

[VOICE] -- #002
{ the hero } will make them pay
[ ]

[snow turns the device on; you can hear him breathe slowly as he stares blankly, seemingly searching for words to say]

I know. Light, I know what you're gonna say. But I can't miss this chance! Even if you don't believe she can hear me.

[snow gives a little sigh]

Serah. I saw your picture down the hall. I know what they say. I know what it means, but if you're... If you're anywhere out there, I'll find you. [he pauses. his last few words are whispered, yet firm; his voice betrays his sorrow, however he is not one to easily give up] Gimme a sign, baby. I promise I'll do everything I can.

[device is turned off, and turned back on a few seconds later]

If anyone needs a hand for anything, drop me a line. Looks like we're all stuck here for a while.

[VOICE] -- #001
{ the hero } gazes at the horizon
>[ After fiddling for what seems to be HOURS with the odd, new device in his pocket, Snow finally decides to give it a shot. ]

Hey! Uh... hello? My name's Snow, and I haven't got the slightest idea how this thing works. Light? Hope? Fang?

[ He pauses shortly, and a small groan can be heard, giving away his disappointment; he was most likely looking for an answer, but there's nothing to be heard. ]

Oooo-kay. A hero can take whatever the enemy throws at him, but man...! This wasn't supposed to happen. Listen, if anyone can hear me, I'm Sn... wait, I think I've said that. Alright! I dunno where I am, but I'm definitely not supposed to be here, and I definitely can't stay! I've got people counting on me, so if anyone could tell me how to get out of here, or just where the hell I am, I'd owe you.

[ He pauses again, longer this time. When he speaks, his voice is even but still betrays his worry.]

Hey! C'mon! I really can't stay here guys. What the hell's going-- Whoa, did that thing just move?

[ hmd + concrit ]
{ the hero } gazes at the horizon
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