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[VOICE] -- #001
{ the hero } gazes at the horizon
>[ After fiddling for what seems to be HOURS with the odd, new device in his pocket, Snow finally decides to give it a shot. ]

Hey! Uh... hello? My name's Snow, and I haven't got the slightest idea how this thing works. Light? Hope? Fang?

[ He pauses shortly, and a small groan can be heard, giving away his disappointment; he was most likely looking for an answer, but there's nothing to be heard. ]

Oooo-kay. A hero can take whatever the enemy throws at him, but man...! This wasn't supposed to happen. Listen, if anyone can hear me, I'm Sn... wait, I think I've said that. Alright! I dunno where I am, but I'm definitely not supposed to be here, and I definitely can't stay! I've got people counting on me, so if anyone could tell me how to get out of here, or just where the hell I am, I'd owe you.

[ He pauses again, longer this time. When he speaks, his voice is even but still betrays his worry.]

Hey! C'mon! I really can't stay here guys. What the hell's going-- Whoa, did that thing just move?

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Figures. Right on her heels.

[in reply to 'did that thing just move']

Probably. Genius.

[and then she pauses, sighs shortly]

You're late.

[She does not jump to tell him Serah is here not because she means to keep it from him but because it is just not her normal response to him--even now--to be forthcoming and pleasant. Snow irritates her, makes her feel both like Serah deserves better and like she probably couldn't do better in terms of someone caring about her that much, and in the end Light knows it's that part that truly bothers her. That Snow has given, has understood what Serah needs--the love, warmth, a hand to hold, or whatever--when Light could only think of it in terms of survival's plainest terms. Part of this is a self-defense mechanism.

No one likes to hurt and it's hard to hurt the less you feel or the less you tell yourself you feel. It's faulty logic but it was easy to hone in training, in working up through the ranks, in simply providing food and house and other goods that seemed to be enough for them even though they weren't.

It never dawned on her that Serah might not be happy until it was too late.

Snow is a reminder of that, among other things like unnecessarily loud, in Light's opinion, so she doesn't hurry to be helpful. Almost, it's childish, but this seems to be their way considering her reply to him many times has merely been a fist to his face. After a long, long pause, she adds this last part.]

And Serah is here.

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