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[VOICE] -- #001
{ the hero } gazes at the horizon
>[ After fiddling for what seems to be HOURS with the odd, new device in his pocket, Snow finally decides to give it a shot. ]

Hey! Uh... hello? My name's Snow, and I haven't got the slightest idea how this thing works. Light? Hope? Fang?

[ He pauses shortly, and a small groan can be heard, giving away his disappointment; he was most likely looking for an answer, but there's nothing to be heard. ]

Oooo-kay. A hero can take whatever the enemy throws at him, but man...! This wasn't supposed to happen. Listen, if anyone can hear me, I'm Sn... wait, I think I've said that. Alright! I dunno where I am, but I'm definitely not supposed to be here, and I definitely can't stay! I've got people counting on me, so if anyone could tell me how to get out of here, or just where the hell I am, I'd owe you.

[ He pauses again, longer this time. When he speaks, his voice is even but still betrays his worry.]

Hey! C'mon! I really can't stay here guys. What the hell's going-- Whoa, did that thing just move?

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---WAIT. It moved?? What moved? ...That doesn't sound like good news.

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