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[VOICE] -- #001
{ the hero } gazes at the horizon
>[ After fiddling for what seems to be HOURS with the odd, new device in his pocket, Snow finally decides to give it a shot. ]

Hey! Uh... hello? My name's Snow, and I haven't got the slightest idea how this thing works. Light? Hope? Fang?

[ He pauses shortly, and a small groan can be heard, giving away his disappointment; he was most likely looking for an answer, but there's nothing to be heard. ]

Oooo-kay. A hero can take whatever the enemy throws at him, but man...! This wasn't supposed to happen. Listen, if anyone can hear me, I'm Sn... wait, I think I've said that. Alright! I dunno where I am, but I'm definitely not supposed to be here, and I definitely can't stay! I've got people counting on me, so if anyone could tell me how to get out of here, or just where the hell I am, I'd owe you.

[ He pauses again, longer this time. When he speaks, his voice is even but still betrays his worry.]

Hey! C'mon! I really can't stay here guys. What the hell's going-- Whoa, did that thing just move?

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The City? What City? I need to get back to-- Is Cocoon safe?

Just "The City." You'll have to ask someone else about the details, but it's basically where a bunch of universes meet up and curses happen and wackiness ensues.

Cocoon? Sorry, I don't know any Cocoons.

...you're kidding, right? Who are you?

I wish I was.

I'm Penny, and it's nice to meet you! ...Well, kind of meet you. I guess it doesn't count on the network, right? If you want to come by the Welcome Center, though--it should be pretty close if you came in through the Square--I can get you a map of the City and a guide and things. Seriously, getting started here is the worst part. Once you kind of get how everything works, it's not too bad at all.

Network huh... This has gotta be a trick of the fal'cie. Thanks for your help, Penny, but I really gotta find my friends. Know anyone by the name of Lightning?

Sorry, no Lightnings. It's a big City, though--chances're good that someone you know is around here.

Good luck, Snow!

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