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❅ Same plan as always

hit 'em hard, and hit 'em again

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[VOICE] -- #002
{ the hero } will make them pay
[ ]

[snow turns the device on; you can hear him breathe slowly as he stares blankly, seemingly searching for words to say]

I know. Light, I know what you're gonna say. But I can't miss this chance! Even if you don't believe she can hear me.

[snow gives a little sigh]

Serah. I saw your picture down the hall. I know what they say. I know what it means, but if you're... If you're anywhere out there, I'll find you. [he pauses. his last few words are whispered, yet firm; his voice betrays his sorrow, however he is not one to easily give up] Gimme a sign, baby. I promise I'll do everything I can.

[device is turned off, and turned back on a few seconds later]

If anyone needs a hand for anything, drop me a line. Looks like we're all stuck here for a while.

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Just wait to go home. Likely as not, your Serah has. Just continue on.

That's what I'm afraid of...

You're afraid she went home? Would you rather she be trapped here in this pit?

At least I'm here to protect her!

You will go home to the same moment from whence you left. She won't go anywhere. Stop mulling about that which you cannot change, or else find a way to change it. Given that here, the latter seems impossible, the former is the only option.

[voice -- like the other ones, totally forgot to mention that ff]

The same moment from wh--

...how would you know that? You ever been here before?

I am an artificial intelligence. As such, my computational powers are very strong, and I can sort through much data in the City's Network very quickly. From what I have seen in the journals of returning individuals, no time passed between their leaving and arrival.

An artificial intelligence...? Is there any way you could track them down? All the people who left and came back. There's gotta be a flaw somewhere.

Find those who have gone and returned? Yes, I could compile a list of them; alternatively, I could contact them, if that is what you are looking for. Further define that which you are asking me to do.

What do you mean, a flaw?

[voice] also megan fox <3

A list! That sure could come in handy. They've gotta remember what happened when they left.

There's gotta be something we can use to our advantage!

[voice] hah, yes, it's what I found when looking for black hair/certain face style

What are you trying to do with this? What advantage? Drag people back here, or find a way to leave?

Drag people back here? Hell no. I wanna find a way out.

As do I. Very well. I will compile a list as soon as I can, of those that I can recover.

I am SHODAN. And you are...?

Figured you'd have a much easier time to get out than the rest of us, but I guess this really is tricky.

I'm Snow. Snow Villiers.

How I wish I did have an easier time. The City is a difficult problem to solve.

Well I'm here to help! I'll do whatever it takes! All these people need heroes. We'll find a way to get us all out of here!

She can't hear you.

Eventually we're going back too.

The sooner we figure out how, the sooner we can find her!

If her picture is in the hall, she won't get this.

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