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❅ Same plan as always

hit 'em hard, and hit 'em again

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[VOICE] -- #002
{ the hero } will make them pay
[ ]

[snow turns the device on; you can hear him breathe slowly as he stares blankly, seemingly searching for words to say]

I know. Light, I know what you're gonna say. But I can't miss this chance! Even if you don't believe she can hear me.

[snow gives a little sigh]

Serah. I saw your picture down the hall. I know what they say. I know what it means, but if you're... If you're anywhere out there, I'll find you. [he pauses. his last few words are whispered, yet firm; his voice betrays his sorrow, however he is not one to easily give up] Gimme a sign, baby. I promise I'll do everything I can.

[device is turned off, and turned back on a few seconds later]

If anyone needs a hand for anything, drop me a line. Looks like we're all stuck here for a while.

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[voice] also megan fox <3

A list! That sure could come in handy. They've gotta remember what happened when they left.

There's gotta be something we can use to our advantage!

[voice] hah, yes, it's what I found when looking for black hair/certain face style

What are you trying to do with this? What advantage? Drag people back here, or find a way to leave?

Drag people back here? Hell no. I wanna find a way out.

As do I. Very well. I will compile a list as soon as I can, of those that I can recover.

I am SHODAN. And you are...?

Figured you'd have a much easier time to get out than the rest of us, but I guess this really is tricky.

I'm Snow. Snow Villiers.

How I wish I did have an easier time. The City is a difficult problem to solve.

Well I'm here to help! I'll do whatever it takes! All these people need heroes. We'll find a way to get us all out of here!

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